Pinarello takes pride in being one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers. Founded by Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello in 1953, the Italy-based company has always offered high-quality, factory-built bikes and custom builds. You can trust the brand to meet every requirement of every customer.

Whether you want a frame upgrade or a component swap to a topflight, full fat bike frameset—we have the perfect product for you. Cycles Scuderia in Bideford always has a Pinarello Dogma F12 in stock at our showroom.

We even have a test F12 disc that you can try before making a purchase. Make the switch today, and experience the advantages of having a frameset that’s been used in numerous bike races and Grand Tours.

Some Products You Might Like

Pinarello Products

Dogma F

The pinnacle of Pinarello. Seen in a number of itineration’s and improved upon year on year. Built to any spec you desire! 

The most “winningest” brand to take part in the Tour and its not by dumb luck! From Caisse D’Epargne with Oscar, to Ineos with Egan. Even magnesium to carbon. This is a bike that needs to be ridden.


The same set up as a Dogma with a slightly less expensive carbon and a couple options on groupsets as stock items and loads of options for builds! 

Wheel options from Fulcrum as stock or a carbon Most UltraFast set. This is sure to be a winner if you want to keep it “sensible” on the budget but have that full Pinarello experience. 


The endurance based baby brothers to the Dogma and F7/F5 models. Less shouty and more compliant on the back and neck. 

The famous “Flex stays” originally used on Dogma K, Sky’s cobble taming beast back in the day,  make a return showing how smooth a rough Devonshire road can be made.