Running a massive hire fleet requires huge amounts of space and money that, unfortunately, we haven’t got. So with hire bikes we have taken the approach of “posh” road bikes.

Using carbon framed Orro’s and Enigma Titanium we have a small fleet that can be used for day bookings or for the duration of a trip down this way.

Prices start from £45 a day for carbon bikes and £50 for Titanium. For bookings of longer than 7 days, every 7th day is free of charge. Pedals can be supplied at a small extra charge if available. If you have geometry measurements we can copy over to a hire bike, we can match the position to that of yours at home.

If you find that you have  become so attached to your temporary two wheeled friend you can’t bear to be parted, we’ll refund the cost of hire from the price of a new one!