Why compromise with a factory assembled, mainstream bike when you can have a better machine tailored to your fit and requirements in our Bideford workshop. You have complete control over every element of the build.  Need lower gears?, done, Longer cranks?, done, or possibly a combination of components to meet a specific use or budget, no problem! We are all different and the need for any two bikes to be the same are very rare. Different goals, different aims, and differing size frames between two people the same height is the norm. This is what we are about. Take the time to get it right and the bike and yourself will feel at one meaning more comfort, easier on the climbs, more stable on the descents and more fun to be had!

We also offer the option of personal delivery and fitting on site, It’s never been easier to add your ideal bike to the collection.

Bespoke Fitting & Delivery

We have always been reluctant to take the mail order approach with our bikes. Our custom fitting would have to go and we hear of to many horror stories of missing boxes and  damaged bikes. The obvious solution is to offer  personal delivery and on-site fitting for our bespoke builds for all bikes over £2000.  This service is free within 100 miles of Bideford and an additional £50.00 for greater UK distances. We are all for going long haul too, but travel may have to be spoken about before hand and tickets would need to be covered!!