Here at Scuderia we have a range of E-Bikes that will meet all the urban needs plus a bit of the local bridal paths that North Devon has to offer!

Using either Shimano Steps, E-Bike Motion or SportDrive motors, there is a bike to meet the demands that the local town life will throw at you! Either pinging along the river using the Tarka Trail or the demands that a daily commute throws at you, either Ridgeback or Orbea will have a bike for you!

Pop in store to see how the bikes work and take them for a spin to see what they are capable of.

Ridgeback Cyclone – £2499.99

The Ridgeback Cyclone is the mile muncher of the group. Using Shimano E-6100 STEPS motor unit it can do up to 180km on a single charge. With the added bonus of the mudguards, pannier rack and built in lights controlled by the head unit you can see why its a real hit with the commuter’s amongst North Devon’s workers!


Ridgeback Electron Di2 – £2399.99

The Ridgeback Electron Di2 takes the classic low step through design and adds the modern twist of electronic gears. Still a mid-motored bike, Alifine in hub electronic gears and fully loaded with the lights and panniers means it can be an all weather beater without the hassle of too much maintenance. If gears really aren’t your thing, the alfine hub can become an automated gear box and change gear for you when the going gets tough.

Ridgeback X2 – £2199.99

The X2 by Ridgeback is probably the most versatile of the range. The powerful Shimano motor will get you up and over all the lumps without too much fuss or exertion but the porkier and broader tyres offer the versatility needed if you like a little exploring. Gravel, grass, almost anywhere you fancy the tyres will cope with most terrains so you can for further and longer than previously thought!


Ridgeback Arcus – £1799.99

Similar to the above X2 but with a little less puff and at a slightly lower price point. The Arcus is another versatile bike with the added bonus of the mudguards and rac. Another Mid driven bike that is just as at home pinging around town as it is riding along the bridal ways locally.


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