Bringing Italian heritage and sensible prices to the table they have all bases of road riding/racing covered. They enter at prices of £1435 for a full bike and £869 for frameset only. Most frames offer the chance to choose between rim or disc brakes. 


The Kobalt is Kuota’s entry level frame but every corner of it screams much posher! With the frame, forks & headset coming in at £869 (for a rim set up) it means a build can be made very sensibly. 105 R7000 builds start at £1399 and can be built to any specs you require including electronic transmissions. Available as a rim brake or a disc brake version.



A race orientated frame. The Kryon has the racing mans look but the comfort from the vibe dampers around the seatpost/seat tube area works wonders to keep those bone shaking vibrations at bay, and with forward thinking, two different variations of dampening depending on the riders weight. If that’s not attention to detail we don’t know what is!! Also Di2/EPS ready with rim and disc options.

Rim Frame Price – £1345      Disc Frame Price – £1575     Full Bikes from – £1869



This is your speed demon on the bunch. Aero tubing, aggressive set up and the versatility to be used as a road bike or a tri bike. A reversible seat pin means getting over the bracket or vice versa can be achieved. Internally routed cables compliment the aero nature of the bike along with the integrated hidden seat clamp and aero stem package. Again available in disc and rim brake options.

Rim Frame Price – £2149     Disc Frame Price – £2335     Full Bikes from – £3115


K-Uno is as comfy as it gets. A new carbon lay up and longer head tube mean a softer ride feel and set up without any wasted puff when the going gets tough. Di2 and EPS ready any groupset can be retro fitted safe in the knowledge the Devonian roads wont be rattling your fillings out!

Rim Frame Price – £2145     Disc Frame Price – £2315     Full Bikes From – £2910


Khydra is the dedicated disc bike from Kuota. Using the same structural and geometry as the former Kiral the bike handles exactly how you would expect a European bike with a bit of racing pedigree behind it. The Khydra can come as a frameset only or built as a full bike.

Frameset price – £1819      Full Bike Price From – £2545 



The flagship racing model from Kuota is the Khan. Unlike many pro teams, Cofidis use this bike at the Tour and at the cobbled classics of Roubaix and Flanders. That shows how confident the team are in the bike and how comfortable a bike can be without loosing any lateral stiffness. Ridden to countless wins and ready for the tough sprints or the steep climbs!

Frame Price – £2799       Disc Frame – £3149      Full Build From – £3895

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