Fulcrum Superstore


Scuderia for all your Fulcrum needs. We have just signed up to be a Fulcrum store. This means we have access to the best Fulcrum have to offer, most of which will be on display over the coming weeks and months, spares, repairs and even demo wheels will be available. This will mean you can test ride your new set of wheels before you commit.


Along with the very best of Fulcrum, we have the ever present Continental, Challenge, Vittoria & the latest from Pirelli. That’s all ranges of road riding covered from winter high mileage training tyres through to silky smooth low drag race rubber.

Pairing this with the relatively new technology of road tubeless tyres has allowed even more versatility and comfort to be carried over from the mountain biking world! Finish Line Sealant now means there is no need to be changing the fluid every 9-12 months because it will last for the life of the tyre. Blocking any potential punctures along the route!

Display3Pop in store to see the crazy wheels, talk tyres or to see if we can organise a test ride on your next set of summer wheels!!

Here is a list of wheels that are currently in stock or will be arriving with us in the very near future,

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Dark

Fulcrum Racing Zero C17

Fulcrum Racing Zero DB C19

Fulcrum Racing Speed 40

Fulcrum Racing 6 C17

Fulcrum Racing 5 C17

Fulcrum Racing 4 C17

Fulcrum Racing 7 DB

Fulcrum Racing 4 DB

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