E-Scuderia Christmas Auctions

This Christmas we have decided to do an auction style sale. This will mean a new product is posted on our Facebook page each day in the run up to Christmas. A starting bid will be given, (much like another auction site many of us know!) and then privately people can make offers for the products over the course of a week. The person with the highest bid at the end of each item will win the item for the value of their bid.

We have 9 items ready to auction off. These vary from guys like Rudy Project, Vittoria, Muc-Off, Sidi, Lezyne and Orro!

Simple really!!!

Day One

Starting off is a pair of Rudy Rydon sunglasses. Bidding has started at just £90, which, considering the regular price is £169.99, is a bit of a bargain at the moment! These finish on Wednesday 13th December at 9AM.

Keep and eye out on our Facebook page each day for the next item and potentially grab a Christmas Pressie for less!!!

Day Two

Rudy Project Sterling helmet. Bidding starts at just £69 for a helmet that, at regular prices, costs £129.99. There are a choice of colours and sizes and the winner will be informed on 14th December.

Message us on Facebook, email or drop by the shop to let us know your bid!

Day Three

Its the time of year where no matter what your doing, if your riding your bike it is going to get filthy! To help keep the bike in a sensible state we are auctioning off the Muc-Off 8 in one bucket. This bucket includes cleaner spray, spray protectant, a claw brush, a detailing brush, a soft wash brush, a two pronged brush, a large microcell sponge and the storage/wash bucket itself. A great stocking filler for the cyclist in your life!

Regular price for this item is £40. Bidding is starting at just £20. Auction will finish on Friday 15th December @ 9AM. Highest bidder will win the kit.

Day Four

Today, to continue with the Christmas Auction, we have a Lezyne Deca Drive. With a 900 lumen output its bright enough to light up any lane. Multiple different clamps to fit any size handle bar, USB chargable, and an extra battery for when the other one is on charge, you will never be without it!

The regular price of this fully loaded light is £170, bidding will start at £70 and the highest bidder come Saturday 16th @ 9AM will be able to see their way home!

Day Five

This time of year the wet rides are a more regular occurrence than we would like them to be. But you needn’t get wet when out in the rain. The Lusso Aqua Repel jacket is fully waterproof, windproof and will keep you warm on the chilly days.

Shaped for being on the bike, the longer rear flap keeps your backside dry, pockets for your food and a zipped pocket for your valuables. A reflective gripper and rear piping makes you visible on the darker rides too. Made in Manchester, they really know what the UK weather is like and how to deal with it!! Usually priced at £129.99 its the chance to grab a bit of a bargain!

Bidding is starting at £70 and will finish at 9AM on December the 18th. Highest bidder will be able to pick it up and ride home come rain or shine!

Day Six

There is nothing more “Euro” than a posh pair of shoes. When the sunny days return a pair of Sidi Kaos, will always look the part.

sidi kaosWe have sizes 41, 42, 43, 44 & 46. Some are black and some are in white. Either way its a chance to sneak in a bargain pair of shoes. Bidding starting at £100. Regular price is £175. You know the score, Highest bidder come Monday 18th wins them!

Day Seven

Today we turn our attention to indoor training. The cold snap has well and truly hit. Training outside can be a risk and can be dull. Never miss a session with a set of rollers. Steady miles this time of year are key and you have no excuse with these.


A set of Riva Sport rollers. Usual cost of these is £120. With a handy step to help you get started and to get on the bike, 2 bands to account for differences in wheelbase and easy to assemble. Bidding is starting at just £70 it can make your winter miles a lot easier. Highest bidder come 19th December is the new owner.

Day Eight

To try and get us all thinking of summer again, today the auction takes us to our favourite set of tyres of the minute. A pair of Vittoria Corsa Graphene tyres can be won by this time next week. With a low rolling resistance and a grip level that exceeds anything we have ridden to date these tyres are a fantastic upgrade to most “summer” bikes.

With the choice of 23c (anthracite or tan) or 25c (anthracite) these could be yours for as little as the starting bid of £66. Usually priced at £100 for the pair it could be a chance to grab a decent upgrade for less this time next week. Auction ends 21st, 9AM.

Day Nine

To celebrate the last day of our Christmas auction we have gone for a big one. Its your chance to bid on an Orro Gold full carbon bike with Shimano Ultegra R8000. With carbon that is sourced over here in the UK and a decent finishing kit, pound for pound we struggle to find anything much better in terms of value for money.

Based on a slightly softer geometry, with a longer head tube to be a little more forgiving on the neck and back, its the perfect bike to spend long distances in the saddle on. With a retail price of £1999.99 we will be starting the bidding at £1300. Maybe its the perfect chance to get yourself that Christmas present you were after! Winner will be announced this time next week.

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