Ranging from full bikes to custom builds to any specification Scuderia can have your Pinarello ready in no time. With no labour charge for the life of any full price Pinarello purchased from us why would you buy anything else!

Dogma F12

If we have said it once we have said it a million times, Another Tour winning frame made by Pinarello but this time not Sky, Team Ineos taking the reigns. Same people, same winning mentality and the same result. Now offering both rim and disk versions its an option as an only bike. Egan Bernal winning the 2019 on the rim brake version backed up more than ably by Geriant Thomas on the podium. Sleeker and more aero than its older sister with no cables on show if built with Most Talon Ultra handlebars to keep the bike looking pro and inviting at a café stop!

 Rim Frames £4999   Disc Frames £5249

Most Talon Ultra Handlebar £749

Dogma F10

We wont get bored with saying it, as with the majority of Pinarello top flight frames before it, another Tour winner arrives in the Pinarello Dogma F10. Subtle changes and a slight facelift keeps the F10 handling like all Pinarello before it. Its just been refined, made lighter and more importantly more efficient with the bone shaking discomfort you get from a full fat aero bike.

Rim Frames – £4250     Disc Frames – £4650

Dogma F8

Chris Froome’s Tour winning frameset. A bike that has been refined by Jaguar Motor Cars, with the input of the Team Sky riders, Sky’s money and Pinarello’s expertise. The F8 is the lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic or its older sister the Dogma 65.1.

Framesets from £1900         Full builds from £4000.

A Tour Winner!

These can be built to any spec and are available in any size and colour.


Honourable Mentions from Years Gone By


Dogma 65.1

A multi Tour winning frame by Pinarello. This time Bradley Wiggins in 2012 and Chris Froome the following year. Moving things on from the Dogma 2 the 65.1 uses a lighter, stiffer carbon and can be set up with mechanical or electronic groupset’s.

Framesets were £3899          Now £2699          Full Builds from £3899

These can be built to any spec. Colour options available.


Dogma K

Dogma K is the comfier softer version to the Dogma frames of the past. The bowed rear stays are designed to dampen the vibrations and means spending more time in the saddle is a breeze. That’s why it was Team Sky’s bike of choice for the cobbled classics.

Framesets were £3699          Now £2500          Full Builds from £3500

Team Sky’s bike of choice for the Classics.

Built to any spec. Size options available and in stock. Black/Red colourway.


Dogma 2

A pro level bike for a lot let. Now being built for less that what the frame should of cost originally. When Bradley Wiggins won the Tour in 2012, he started on board the Dogma 2 and changed in the final week as Pinarello launched the 65.1. Cable specific frames available in a choice of 3 sizes (44cm, 55cm and 57.5cm).

Framesets were £3699          Now £1990          Full Builds from £2999

Built to any spec. 2 Colour Options, Limited sizes.

All other Pinarello Models available. Please contact to discuss availability.

2 thoughts on “Pinarello

  1. Hi I’m looking for a dogma 65.1 I am 6 foot 3. In terms of spec I don’t mind apart from the fact that I would like the new shimano ultegra other than that you can go cheap spec is there any chance you could give me a rough price


    1. Hello Mr Read, Thank you for your enquiry into 65.1 framesets. Stock levels are good at the moment in the potential size you would require. Frame prices start at £2699 and builds with Ultegra R8000 can be put together from approx. £4100 depending on wheels and finishing kit. We also have Dogma 2 frames in stock which will reduce the cost by around £600. We always have a bike here you can ride if you want to give one a test on a dry day. Kind regards


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