Enigma Titanium

Enigma are another of our British brands. Started a little over 10 years ago Enigma are now a firmly established brand. Now producing the majority of their bikes here in the UK the have a large range of titanium and steel bikes to meet the most demanding of needs.

Enigma Etape Disc

The Etape is one of the most versatile bikes in Enigma’s range. Coming with room for a wider tyre, mudguard eyes, rack mounts and a disc brake it is the bike of choice for many a tourists, winter riders or club cyclists alike

Frameset Price – £1754.99          Full Builds from – £2799

Enigma Esprit

There is one here in stock at our shop in Bideford. Esprit is a bike that Enigma custom tailor to each individual at their workshop. With clearance for up to a 28c tyre comfort can be achieved quite easily. These can be built to any spec and due to the complete custom nature of the bike have a 90 day lead time.

Frame Only – £1999          Full Builds from – £3399

Enigma Evolve

Enigma Evolve takes the best features from the Etape and Echo. Designed with the emphasis on smoothness and comfort without sacrificing on performance the Evolve is aimed at the sportive market and also have fittings to fit a slim mudguard it can be a best summer bike or a posh winter bike.

Framesets Available – £1785          Full Builds From £2699

All other Enigma models available. Please call or pop in store to discuss available and possible builds.


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