The Age Old Argument…

And it is an age thing. Those of us with a mile or two on the clock will struggle with the thought of putting anything other than Italy’s finest on their bike. Give it a few more cold winters and there’ll be fewer of us bleating on about it.  Currently, you’d be hard pressed to find more than a few world class teams with a bit of Super Record. But go back to those halcyon, pre-indexing days of old and it’s rumoured that money changed hands to keep Shimano of the podium of the Barcelona worlds. And good show too.

Trouble is, balance fit, finish and function to cost, are you really going to go the extra financial mile over an Ultegra R8000 group?.  The current Shimano kit rules the roost for good reason.






Honest answer, neither will be making you quicker up hill. Personally, if I’m building a bike to place on the mantle piece, I’m using Campagnolo every time, to use it, I’m using Shimano.

One thing to note, and one thing we agree on in here… DO NOT CALL IT CAMPY!!!

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