Not All Race Bikes Need to be Carbon

Its a modern day myth that ALL race bikes are carbon fibre. This is Enigma’s answer to breaking that taboo and continuing with their range of stunning bikes. Equinox is Enigma’s stiffer and racier model in comparison to the rest of the range.

Going down the route of a titanium race bike would mean that the comfier ride should play a part. You get that with the Equinox, but not to the extent you would expect from a normal Ti frame, but this is no normal Ti frame.

An aero down tube is the first distinction that this is no regular titanium bike. Deeper chain stays help in stiffening the frame up for those full gas sprints. The nature of Ti over carbon means the weight penalty is going to show, although this bike still come in well under 8kg, but Ultegra and deep aero wheels there is plenty of scope to drop it to much nearer the UCI limit of 6.8kg. An internally routed rear brake helps hide unwanted drag from a cable, albeit minuscule, and with the gear cables all exposed, its definitely function over form. The added plus of Ti is the versatility. If you wanted to upgrade to Di2 in the future, send it back to Enigma and they will put the holes in it for you!!

This One is finished with FastForward F6R wheelset, posh Vittoria Tan walls, Deda cockpit and a posh Italian PMP Seatpin. Racing bikes are fast and pretty!

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