Italian Giants

When you think of Italian bikes you would have to have been living under a rock for the past 3 decades not to mention Pinarello and Colnago. Well, here at Scuderia we have them both!

Always stocking the latest, up to the minute Pinarello and with access to Colnago’s from years gone by we can build the Italian Masterpieces that any heart desires.

Not to be mean to any of the other Italian manufacturers that are out there but these two seem to have a little more allure and charisma that turn the heads of your opposite number at the café. Still both having a big presence at the front end of the World Tour races, most noticeably this year with Chris Froome and Michael Kwiatowski of Team Sky on Pinarello and with up and coming riders like Louis Meintjes and breakaway specialist Diego Ulissi riding the C60 this year the names will have a presence for years to come. Both have the heritage and the history and both carry a story with them on how they started out.

Separating the bikes is near impossible. In appearance they are vastly different. A Pinarello looking more modern using aero shaped tubing and a Colnago continuing the classic and traditional look of an old school bike with the lugs. Ride wise, very similar. To compare a Dogma 65.1 with a C59 is like trying to pick between a red and green pepper, ultimately we could flip and coin and still not be disappointed. Pinarello have moved forwards a little because of Sky’s money and the development that took place with Jaguar motor cars, but on the whole, it would be hard to distinguish between the two on a blindfolded ride.

Lets face it, and embrace it. We are spoilt for choice. Modern day greats of cycling with the history to match. In any other sport these two would be talked about on the front pages of newspapers let alone the sports section (and in Italy they probably are). A die hard cycling fan would struggle to pick between the two. And that’s the point here. Not a lot separates either.

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