Scuderia Bike Fit Studio – Bike Adaptation and Fitting

Scuderia Bike Fit Studio – Bike Adaptation and Fitting

The concept of bike fitting has been broadly adopted across the bike trade with many high profile manufactures offering their own in house system. This can only be a good thing, although it overlooks the fact that most specialist dealers have been offering the same service for years. A bike tailored to your size should be a fundamental part of the bike buying process. Gone are the days of balancing against a counter while sitting astride your new bike to be told it looks about right.

Expect a free custom fit on every Scuderia supplied sports bike. The chances of a stock bike fitting correctly straight from the showroom are slim. Although as more quality manufactures provide detailed geometry charts, it has become easier to narrow the choice to the most suitable. A simple change of stem length can still make the difference between a comfortable, efficient platform and a source of neck pain and early fatigue. Purchase your new bike from Scuderia and we will assess and set shoe plates, seat position, reach and bar width inclusive of the bike price

We have been providing a fit service for over 25 years and started with the computerized Bio-racer fit system in the early 90’s. After a few hundred fits it became clear that it was only skimming the surface of what was required, and showed the shortcomings in over-reliance on a computer readout. Always jealous of the expertise available to the European pro’s of the time I started with trainer based systems in parallel with many other specialists and it has proven to be the most effective method of addressing almost all fit issues. Since then, I have performed many hundreds, if not thousands of fittings and bring this experience to every sizing.

Our charges start at an affordable £75.00 for a basic fit with an existing bike. If it proves your current bike  is clearly the wrong size and we can’t improve on your position, We will spot this early on and charge is reduced to £20.00 which covers workshop time only. The only additional costs incurred are for any parts used.

If you run several bikes, We can set the position the same on all at a cost of £25.00 per bike plus parts

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